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A Document Field allows one or more documents to be uploaded and stored as part of the database record. Users can then link through to see the document in its original format and optionally to search the text of the document.

The following types of document are enabled by default: .pdf, .doc,. docx,. txt, .rtf, .jpg, .gif, .tiff, .xls,. xlsx. This list is defined in an internal database configuration table.  Contact the Soutron Help Desk if you want to upload additional file types.

To enable full text searching, the contents of the document are automatically indexed when the record is saved. Documents thus stored in the database are searchable when using the All Fields search.

A Document field appears as follows:


Note that a file size limit can be set for uploaded documents , in Field Maintenance. There is no limit on the number of documents which can be uploaded. Uploading large files may exceed the time limit set by web browsers and may require that the files are uploaded from the server rather than across the internet. Contact Soutron Help Desk for assistance if this a requirement.

This page describes:



Adding documents

  1. To add a document, click Browse next to the field.
  2. This opens a new window which displays your local PC and connected network:

  3. Locate the file you want to attach and then click Open.
  4. You are returned to the edit screen. The location of the file and its name are displayed in the field entry box:

  5. Click the Upload button.
  6. The file will be uploaded to the record and will appear listed below the input box:


Additional documents can be added in the same way.

Re-ordering data

To change the order of the documents listed, use the blue Up and Down links to the right of the entries to move an entry up and down.

Assigning a File Security category

File Security Categories allow you to control who can view and download documents attached to catalogue records. You can only do this if you have Manage rights assigned to you.

  1. To assign a category to a document, click Manage Security to the right of the entry.
  2. The following screen opens:


  3. Select as many categories as are applicable.
  4. Click Complete to return to the catalogue record, which now displays the security category alongside the document:

Deleting documents

To delete a document, click Delete to the right of the field.

The document name is removed from the field entry.

The text of the document remains in the index until services that run in background clear the text of the document from the index. These are set up in the task centre.

How documents appear in search results

Search Results table

In the Search Results, the link is displayed as an icon:


If you hover your cursor over it, it will show the file name of the document.

Note that only the first document can be accessed from the search results.

Full Record display 

In the Full Record Display, the text entry is displayed as the file name of the document:

This screen shows all of the linked documents. 


Experiencing problems with cataloguing? See the Troubleshooting Guide.

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