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This page describes the process of deleting existing user records. Having done a search, select the user record from the table, which takes you to the edit screen.

Deleted user records are retained in the system so that they can be undeleted if needed.


Deleting a user record

Before you delete the user record, it is good practice to delete the email address first, just in case it needs to be used again (email addresses have to be unique and this includes deleted records). Then save the record.

To delete the user record, click Delete in the Actions menu.

Caution! There is no warning message before the user record is deleted.

You are then returned to the user search results table, with the deleted user record no longer displayed.

Note that the Delete button does not appear in the Actions menu if the user still has active loans - you need to return these before you can delete the user record.

Undeleting a user record

User records can be undeleted.

Search for the record, ensuring that you have selected the "Search Deleted" option, then select the user from the table.

The record is displayed as follows:

Click Undelete Borrower in the Actions menu. You cannot do any editing of the record until you have done this.

You are then shown the user record in the normal edit screen.

When you return to the search results table, remember that the "Search Deleted" option is still ticked, although you can't see it.

Experiencing problems with managing user records? See the Troubleshooting Guide.

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