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This page describes defining the format of the RSS feeds for a Record Type. For assistance on this, contact the Soutron Help Desk.



To access Record Type Templates Maintenance, select System Management > Database Configuration > Record Type Templates Maintenance.

Click Edit next to the Record Type, then select the RSS tab - the following screen opens:


This allows you to define the fields for the Full Citation and Citation Summary formats, which are available as Export options.

For each of the two reports, specify in the appropriate box the text and field values that are required for each citation report, using the following formats:


To insert:enter:

enter text freely where you want it to appear

a Field

enter the "System Field Name" surrounded by square brackets

For example: Title: [Title], Author: [Authors], Date: [Publication Date]

a new line

enter [eol] to start a new line

For example: Title: [Title][eol]Author: [Authors][eol]Date: [Publication Date]

Record Type name

enter the "RecordTypeName" surrounded by square brackets.

For example: [Book]


You can also:

  • apply formatting such as bold, italics and colour
  • apply field separators, eg a comma between fields, so that the punctuation only appears if there is data in the field


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