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This page describes the definition of a Custom view. This is for creating other formats, for example:

  • a "gallery" view: this is especially suitable for images
  • a citation format

Note that you cannot display the book cover images from Amazon or Google, as this would contravene their copyright rules


This allows you to define:

  • the fields that are to appear on the search results screen
  • the order in which they are to appear
  • the width for each field
  • which fields are to be clickable links to the full record

Note that by definition the Custom view can be defined in so many ways: this page describes the mechanics of the definition, but if you need advice on a specific layout, please contact the Soutron Helpdesk.


Having selected Custom view, you now need to define it.

Note that the row containing the options for Prefix, Prefix Condition, Fields and Insert button is not applicable to this screen.

Defining the layout

There are two parameters to be defined:

Image thumbnail sizeSelect the size required: 128 is a good starting point
Gallery columns countThe number of columns for the display, ie the number of images horizontally across the page: 2 or 3 columns is generally good for images

You then need to define the areas or zones into which fields or other information will be placed. It is often a good idea to place the layout within a table.

  1. Insert a table with:
    1. the appropriate number of columns
    2. probably one row
    3. autofit height to contents
    4. specify the width of each column
  2. Click into each cell and then click Insert Control Zone - this creates the space for you then to assign fields and other information to
  3. When you have finished, click on the blue "Assign Template Fields" button to go onto the next step

Assigning fields

The next screen looks like this:

To insert data into each control zone:
  1. Ensure that the "Zone for insert control" drop-down is set to the Zone you want to populate
  2. From "Please, select control" drop-down list, select what is to be in there - the options are:
    1. Field value
    2. Selection checkbox
    3. Edit link
  3. The screen now looks like this:

  4. Where you have selected a Field Value control, you need to specify which field is to be displayed
  5. Click on the Options link next to the field - the following pop-up appears:

  6. Select the field from the drop-down list
  7. If you want the field to be the link to the full record (typically you would use the Title for this), tick the "Render as link" box
  8. Click OK to finish
  9. The blue "Basic Layout and Settings" button takes you back to the Control Zone layout screen if you need to

Finishing the process

When you have finished, click Save & Close in the Actions menu.

To exit the definition without saving, click Close in the Actions menu.

Either way, you will be returned to the list of Content Types.


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