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This section describes creating the templates for producing a notification emails to tell you that the import you have defined has completed.

The same email template can be used for all import profiles.

Note that you do not need to set up an email notification: however, it does provide useful information about the import.


To access the templates, select System Management > Task Centre > Template Maintenance.

The following screen is displayed:

This displays any templates already defined: you can limit the display to a particular type of notification, or whether they are Shared or Private, by selecting from the drop-down list in the Templates Filter. 

Creating a new Import Notification email

To create a new template, click Create new template in the Actions menu.

The following screen displays:

Template designer

Enter the following information at the top of the screen:

AccessibilityBy default this is set to Private, which means that it is only visible to you. To enable others to see it, untick the box.
Template nameThis is populated automatically and is set to "Claim". Use the drop-down list to change it to "Catalogues Import Status".
NameEnter the name of this template, eg "Import status report"
DescriptionOptionally, enter a short note describing the purpose of this template

The main body of the email is defined in the Rich Text Area: click into it to begin. It consists of a mixture of static text and dynamic data pulled from elsewhere in the application.

Adding information about the import

Information about the import can be defined in the email through the use of macros which are listed at the end of the toolbar:

The following macros are available:

Catalogue / User Created CountInserts the number of new catalogue / user records created
Catalogue / User Fail Count

Inserts the number of records which could not be imported

You can have a report with the email which tells you which records failed and why - this is specified in the import profile

Catalogue / User Updated CountInserts the number of records which were amended
Task StatusInserts the status of the task
Created DateInserts the date that the notification email was created


To insert the data:

  1. place the cursor where you want to insert it in the rich text area
  2. select the relevant macro from the drop-down list
  3. click Insert Macro

Edit the template using the Rich Text Editor.

A sample email might look like this:

Finishing the process

When you have finished, click Save and Close to return to the list of defined templates:


You will specify the email template when you set up the task to import the data.

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