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This function enables you to set up generic routing lists which can then be assigned to any number of serials, thus saving the time and effort required to manually set up similar lists.

To access Routing List Templates, select Modules > Serials > Routing List Templates.

Creating a new template

The following screen opens:


To create a new template:

  1. Click Create New in the Actions menu
  2. The following screen opens:


  3. Enter the following information (required fields have an asterisk next to the label): 

    Name: *Enter a meaningful name for the routing list, that will be recognisable when selecting it for use with a serial
    Short Code:A short code
    Description:Description, eg what the list is used for
    Type:Select from the drop-down list whether the routing list is a physical list or an email notification list
    Office:Select the Office for which this routing list is to apply

    Select the Library for which this routing list is to apply


    Note that you cannot select an Office and a Library - you have to select one or the other.

  4. Select the following options as required (the last three do not appear for email notification lists):
    1. Queue length
    2. Allow users to add themselves to the list
    3. Print Routing Slip
    4. Print address on a label if only one person in the list
    5. The copy must be returned to the Library
  5. To add users to the list, click Add Users to List in the Actions menu.
  6. The user search screen opens:

    1. Search for the user by UserID, first name or surname
    2. From the list of results, tick the box next to the required user to select them
    3. Click Select in the Actions menu
    4. Repeat steps a-c until you have added all the users to the list
    5. Click Back to finish
  7. You are then returned to the previous screen, with the selected names displayed:


  8. The following actions are available:
    1. to remove a user from the list, tick the name then click Remove Selected
    2. to change the order of names in the list, tick the box next to two names then click Swap Selected
    3. to suspend a user from the list, tick the name then click Suspend Selected - this is useful if users are away for a while
    4. to reinstate a suspended user, tick the name then click Resume Selected
  9. When you have finished defining the list, click Save in the Actions menu.

You are returned to the original template screen, with the new template added:

Editing a template

To edit an existing template:

  1. from the above screen click Edit next to the list name.
  2. The Routing List Template screen opens, as shown in Step 2 above.
  3. Make the changes as for creating a new template.
  4. When you have finished, click Save in the Actions menu.

Deleting a template


Routing List Templates can be deleted even if they are already in use for a serial. However, this does not affect the routing lists for those serials, as they are not dynamically linked.


To delete an existing template:

  1. from the above screen tick the box next to the list name. You can select more than one, or select all of them by ticking the box in the header.
  2. Then click Remove Selected in the Actions menu.
  3. You will see the following message:

    Click OK to continue with the deletion.

The list of templates is re-displayed but without the deleted template.

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