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Date groups can be used when searching via the portal and cataloguing new material.

To setup a date group open the Admin application and using the top menu go to: Module settings > Cataloguing > Date Groups

You can re-order date groups by dragging the icon or using the sort by description button. This will then display in the set order on the portal and catalogue edit screen.

Adding Date Groups

Click Create New, this will open the pop-up to allow you to create a new date range.

Once you have entered the appropriate dates and a description for your group click save.

The Description is what will display when cataloguing and searching the portal, so name it something meaningful.

Using  Date Groups

From the portal you can select 'Date group' for any date field, this will display an additional option to select your date group. Once you have selected a group the dates you defined will be entered into the search fields.

When cataloguing you will be able to select a date group in the same way and this will insert the dates you entered into the input boxes.

In both cases it will be possible to manually alter the set dates if you require, this not update the default dates saved in Date group maintenance and will apply only to this record.

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