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Soutron Search Portal  is a highly flexible, intuitive user interface with a broad set of functions that can be customised to meet different needs by the System Administrator without assistance from Soutron staff. 

We strongly recommend using the Search Portal to provide not only word and phrase search functionality, via Simple and Advanced Search pages, but also to create links to particular content in the database, provide the user with a My Account facility and to use the Action menus to perform tasks, set alerts, and provide information about the Library or Archive service.  

Search Portal Design templates provide complete control over layout, branding and functionality.

Search is a vital component of the Soutron application and is continuously enhanced and developed.

When adding new materials and content and configuring the Search Portal it is worth considering the Database Structure as well as the Search functions to provide a complete and rewarding experience for the End User.  

Search can also be regulated to provide security of access to content and by groups of users. This is controlled by Security Access Permissions and can be complemented with access limited by IP range so that content at the record, field and document level can be controlled.  

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