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This section enables you to select currencies and define exchange rates for use in the Acquisitions module.

Note that you need to define at least one currency before you can place any orders.



To set up Currencies, select Modules > Acquisitions > Module Maintenance > Currencies.

When you access the Currencies maintenance screen for the first time after installation, the screen shows all available currencies, listed alphabetically by currency code, with none or possibly one defined as active:


In the unlikely event that you require a currency that is not provided, please contact the Soutron Help Desk.

Activating a Currency

To activate currencies that you want to use in the application:

  1. Tick the box next to the currency you want to use, wait a moment and the selected currency will move to the top of the screen.
  2. Repeat this process for each currency you want to use in the application. The active currencies are displayed in alphabetical order of currency code.


The icon at the end of the currency(s) that you selected will now be highlighted. (This allows you to view currency exchange rate history later.)

Selecting the Base (default) Currency

Before continuing you need to select which currency will be your Base Currency (if it has not already been done).

Select the currency from the drop-down list of active currencies at the top of the screen.

A 1 will be entered into the Exchange Rate box next to that currency and the icon at the end of the row will be greyed out as the exchange rate history of base currency is not applicable (it will always be 1).

If you have activated more than one currency, then the non-base currencies will still show the highlighted icon.

Exchange Rates

For each active currency, you must enter the current exchange rate into the Exchange Rate field: this of course must be the exchange rate against the base currency.

Once you have entered all the applicable rates, click Save in the Actions menu.

Deactivating a Currency

Currencies can be deactivated in the application if they are no longer required.

Un-tick the box next to the currency to be deactivated and click Save in the Actions menu.

The deactivated currency is then displayed in the correct alphabetical position in the list.

Note that the currency's latest exchange rate and all the exchange rate history is retained.

Changing an Exchange Rate

Change the exchange rate for the currency by typing the new rate into the Exchange Rate box next to the currency.

Click Save in the Actions menu.

Historical Exchange Rates

The system records all changes to exchange rates.

To view historical rates, click on the icon at the end of the currency row to display the history.


By default, the application will display all historical rates but you can select a specific year and a particular month from the drop-down lists at the top of the screen.

To view the history of another currency, select one from the Currency drop-down list at the top of the screen.

To return to the main Currency screen, click the Back arrow in the Actions menu.

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