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This function is designed for adding large quantities of stock to a collection. There are three steps to creating Bulk Copies:

1. Define the Location and number of copies and the volumes to be created for that location

2. Assign the Status and Loan Period

3. Assign Barcodes (manually or automatically)

The format for barcodes is defined in Barcode Templates



When you have selected Bulk Copies from the selection form, the initial Bulk Copies screen will load:

Assigning Locations

  1. Fill in the sections as follows:

    Office:Select the office that you want to create copies for
    Location:The Locations list will be updated to display locations in the office selected. Select the location you want to create copies for.
    Number of Copies:Enter the number of copies you want to create for the location selected
  2. Click on the Prepare Items for this location button.

Assigning Copy Status and Loan Period

A new screen appears which allows you to provide more information about the copies you are creating for this location.


  1. Fill in the sections as follows:

    Item Details:Enter any additional information i.e. Volume 1, Volume 2, Supplement etc This will display in the Copy summary.
    Copy  Status: By default this will be set to In, but you can change it by making a new selection from the drop down.
    Loan Period:This will automatically assign the default loan period for the library you are creating the copies for.  You can change this if you wish.
  2. Click Apply in the Actions menu.

Assigning Barcodes

You are next taken to the main Bulk Copies screen:


Here you can assign a barcode to all the copies you are creating. It is recommended that you do this at this point, otherwise you will need to enter them manually into each individual copy later.


Note that copies cannot be loaned unless they have a barcode assigned.


Click Generate Barcodes in the Actions menu.


Note that this cannot be used until you have set up at least one barcode template in System Management.


Once all the information is complete, click Apply in the Actions menu.

You are then taken to the Locations table where all the copies you have created will be displayed. 

You can then look at the screen to match the barcodes with the physical copy.

Click Save in the Actions menu to complete the process.

You have the opportunity to add the copies to the print label queue:


Select Yes or No as appropriate.



Experiencing problems with cataloguing? See the Troubleshooting Guide. 

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