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This function allows user records to be created and edited, defining all their details, access rights and routing lists.


To create a new user, select Modules > Users > Create new user.

The following screen appears:


If the screen displays your user account details, this is because your browser is caching the page. Clear your browser cache to resolve this issue.


Enter information in the following sections:


Other tabs display information for existing users only:

Finishing the process

When you have finished creating the user record, the options are:

  • to save and exit the record, click Save in the Actions menu. You will be returned to the search results table.
  • to exit the record without saving, click Close or Back in the Actions menu.


Caution! If you just click Close or Back, none of your changes will be saved - make sure you click Save before exiting the record.


Notifying the user

Optionally, you can have the system send an email to the user whose record you have just created, informing them of the website address for the catalogue, and their Username and password.

Experiencing problems with managing user records? See the Troubleshooting Guide.

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