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This function allows you to create custom text for specific copy statuses in relation to specific users, usually fictitious. For example, you may want to replace "In Transit" with "To be archived in Library Annex" for a particular library:

This customised text is displayed for both Admin and OPAC users.

This page describes:



To access Copy Status Display Maintenance, select System Management > Copy Status Display Maintenance.

The following page appears:


No display definitions have been defined in this screen shot.

Adding a new display definition

To add a new copy status display definition:

  1. Click Create in the Actions menu.
  2. The following drop-down boxes appear:


  3. Enter information into the following fields:

    Copy Status:Select the Copy Status for which you wish to provide alternative text
    User:Select the fictitious user to whom the alternative text applies
    Description:Enter the alternative text
    Is Email: 
  4. When you have finished, click Save in the Actions menu.

The new definition then appears in the list of definitions.

Editing a display definition

To edit a display definition:

  1. Click on the definition to highlight it
  2. Click Edit in the Actions menu. The same drop-down boxes appear as for adding a new definition.
  3. Make the required changes
  4. Click Save in the Actions menu.

Deleting a display definition

To delete a display definition:

  1. Click on the definition to highlight it
  2. Click Delete in the Actions menu.
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