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The Content Type Maintenance section allows you to define and maintain Content Types. A Content Type is a broad category of material, such as Monograph or Serial, which can be subdivided into more specific Record Types such as Book, Report, Directory, etc.

Each Content Type can have its own query screen and search results screen, so that the fields appropriate for that Content Type can be searched and displayed.

When searching the catalogue:

  • if you choose to search only a specific Content Type, you may see a search screen designed specifically for that Content Type: otherwise you will be using the default search screen - the search screen for each Content Type and the default search screen are defined in Search Screen Administration
  • search results are shown with records from each Content Type on a different tab, displaying fields relevant to that Content Type - the search results screen for each Content Type and the default search results screen are defined in Search Results Administration

These are the factors which will help you to decide how to categorise your collection.

To use the Content Type Maintenance function, select System & Database Settings > Database Settings > Content Types from the top menu in the Admin application.

This same function can also be selected using the original menu system

System Management > Database Configuration > Content Type Maintenance

The screen displays a form presenting a list of all Content Types.

The form displays default settings for Language, and Portal settings with the option to make changes from drop down lists to select a different setting.

The list of record types can be filtered using the available filters in the table header.

Column HeadingDescription


  Denotes that the template is Active and available to use by staff administrators, or Inactive  and not available. indicates the content Type is set as default.

Display Name

The name describing the content Type that this template is designed to manage. 


A longer description detailing the purpose of the Content Type.


A short description to identify the Content Type.


Edit - Allows for the Content Type attributes to be modified.

Make Default - Ensures it is selected by default when creating new records.

Delete - Allows for Content Type to be deleted. It is not possible to delete a Content Type if records are still associated with it. This action is not reversible.

Copy - This will duplicate the content Type copying all fields and settings but require a new unique Record Type name to be entered.

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