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This function is used when the User wants to change the order in which requests will be fulfilled.  This function only applis to Loan and View Request types.

The function is accessed via the More Menu in the Actions column on the Active Request Tables:

When user clicks on this a pop up window opens to show the current Priority order.  If no changes have been made previously then the priority is in the order that the request was made.

The Pop up windows shows a table made up of 5 columns, the first of which is the drag and drop function that allows the user to change the priority. 

 The Columns are:


The drag and drop icon is shown: 

To change priority, left click this icon with the mouse and drag the row into the required position

Release to drop the row and the new order is shown:


The name of the requestor is shown along with their User ID shown in brackets

User Office

The office the requestor is located is shown

Request Date

The date the request was made is shown

Expiry Date

If the requestor assigned an Expirty Date, this shown in order to help determine the priority.

The user can then either Cancel or Confirm changing the Priority by clicking on the appropriate button:


If the user changes their mind and wants to cancel any changes made to the Priority that they have just made, they can click on Cancel and the window will close without committing any changes.

Change Priority

If the user wants to commit their changes, they click on the Change Priority button and the pop up window will close and the main screen will now show the new updated Priority number in the Request Table.



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