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Whereas Content Types and Record Types define a type of material, Categories provide a different categorisation, such as (but not exclusively):

  • a broad subject area
  • security-restricted information
  • time-restricted information
  • target audience

Categories are assigned to records when editing them.

You then need to define in Access Permissions which categories users can see. By assigning those permissions to OPACs, access to categories can be restricted if needed.

This page describes:


To access Category Maintenance, select System Management > Security > Category Maintenance.

The following screen opens:


No categories are predefined in the system.

Creating a new Category Definition

To create a new Category:

  1. Click Add new category in the Actions menu.
  2. The following screen opens:


  3. Define the Category as follows:

    Category NameEnter a name for the Category
    DescriptionOptionally, add a description
    Is PublicTick the box if the Category is to be Public
    Access in Days 

    Below the table is a list of all Record Types already defined in the system. Ticking the box by a Record Type means that any new records created with this Record Type will automatically have this Category assigned to them. This can be changed when creating or amending the record.

  4. When you have finished, either click Save in the Actions menu, or Save & Close to return to the Category Maintenance screen, with the new Category listed.

Editing a Category Definition

To edit a Category:

  1. Click Edit next to it.
  2. The same form opens up as for adding a new Category.
  3. Make the required changes then click Save & Close in the Actions menu.

Deleting a Category Definition

To delete a Category:

  1. Click Delete next to it.
  2. You will see the following confirmation message:
  3. Click OK to continue with the deletion.

The list of Categories is re-displayed, with the deleted entry no longer appearing.


Access permissions not working as expected? See the Troubleshooting Guide.

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