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Creating / editing records

When I click Edit to edit a record, I get this message about the record being locked:


This may be because:

  • another member of staff is already editing the record - you will not be able to edit the record until they have finished
  • another member of staff was editing the record but did not exit it fully, or allowed the application to close while still editing the record - it will remain locked until the person editing the record unlocks it

If the member of staff is not available to unlock the record, the Soutron Help Desk can unlock it for you if your application is hosted on Soutron's servers.

The ISBN number is not showing in records I have created or edited

This may be because:

  • after you added the ISBN number to the record, you did not click on the Add link

I want to re-use a barcode number but it tells me it is already in use

This may be because:

  • you have deleted a copy record, which still contains the barcode number - you need to restore the copy record, delete the barcode number and save it, then delete the copy record again

The Shelf Reference in the copy record is being truncated

This is because the number of characters is restricted to 50 because this field is used on all the spine labels and you cannot fit any more than 50 characters onto the label. So it is there to prevent users from putting too much information and then causing problems with the labels.

The Record Type I just created is not available

This is because you have not added it to the security profile for library staff (and possibly OPAC users and Guests).

Catalogue Record Import

When I import a record, it doesn't contain all the fields I expected

This may be because:

  • you have not included all the fields you need in the mapping

When I import a record, the Publication Date hasn't imported even though it is included in my mappings

The Publication Date in many of the data sources has a full stop at the end, so it is not recognised as a correctly-formatted date by Soutron LMS and is therefore not imported.

It is therefore recommended that Publication Date is not included in the mapping.

The import failed, with the message "Failed to import record, contact Administrator"

The import failed, with the message "No records have been created. Please contact your Administrator."

The most common reason for these errors are that the source data (ie COPAC) contains field(s) with multiple entries where the Soutron field is set as single entry. The Abstract field is an example.

There are three possible solutions to this:

  • Depending on the field type in Soutron the field could be changed to allow multiple entries. You may need to request assistance from Soutron support to do this.
  • Remove the field from the import mapping.
  • Try importing from another source such as Google

Printing Labels

When I open the Print Labels Queue, I don't see any records

This may be because:

The filters are not set to show your office:


  • No labels