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At Soutron we recognise that your physical library may have closed until further notice which may be affecting how you operate your loans and order claims.  Below is a brief list of tips that you may want to look at or ask us to update for you to help you and your users through these challenging times.

1. Loan Due Date

Soutron have created a procedure that we can run (should you wish us to) that will assign a NEW due date for all items due back since a certain date.  For example, any items due after 1st March 2020 could have a new due date assigned for 31st May 2020.  This procedure will also reset overdues, so if items become overdue after the new date that is assigned, the overdue notices will start again.  This alone will stop users receiving overdue notices for which they can do nothing about.  If you use fines, this will also delete any fines for the affected loans.

2. Non Working Days

You may wish to set the coming days/weeks as non working days, this will ensure that if you do make any loans, the due date will now be set to, at the earliest, the next working day (depending on the loan period assigned).  You can do this yourself, if you have administrator access, and guidance is provided by our online help which can be found here.

3. Disabling Overdues

You can also disable your overdue tasks so that no overdues or pre-overdues are sent – this can be particularly useful if you do not opt to the change the loan due date.  You can do this yourself, if you have administrator access, by following the guidance here.

4. Disabling Claims

If you use the automated claims for orders, by setting the non working days as described above, it should prevent any new claims from being generated but you can also disable the claims task in the same way as disabling overdues.

If you need any assistance please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via the or online portal

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