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Bulk password reset allows you to reset users password with ease.

The screen is separated into two parts, the left allows you to search and select users to reset their password for. The right allows you to define a password and for which type of users you are resetting passwords for.


The filter on the right has four options;

All users - This allows you to reset all user passwords without selecting them using the left side of the screen

All users except selected - This allows you to reset all users except the ones you select from the left, this can be useful if you wish to reset everyone's password except a few library staff users.

All users without role - This allows passwords to be reset for all end users, meaning any library team members password is left intact.

Selected users only - This allows you to be very selective about which users passwords you will reset, for example this could be a group of new starters.


First select the filter and if applicable the users from the right.

You only need to select users if you are using the Selected users only or All users except selected filter.

If you want to reset the users passwords and email them with the new password you must leave the default password field blank. If you do not wish for the user to be notified of their password change enter a default password. The password you enter must meet the minimum security requirements defined for your system, see password security.

Users are only sent a password reset email notification if you leave default password blank.

To action the reset click the green Reset Passwords button. You will then e redirected to the Task centre where you can see the progress of the reset task. The task will re-try to a maximum of three times to send the notification.

Only users with an email address can be sent the password reset email, users without an email would need to be notified manually, or reset their own password using the forgot password function on the portal.

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