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If you want the system to assign barcodes when creating copies, this screen allows you to define the format for those barcodes, such as prefixes and number of digits in the barcode. Different formats can be specified for individual offices, libraries and content types. This allows a great deal of flexibility, but equally it is very simple for single-site libraries to define one template for all barcodes.

Note that you need to define your offices, libraries and content types first, in order to define barcode templates for them.


This page describes:

To access Barcode Templates, select System Management > Barcode Templates.

The following page appears:


No templates have been defined in this screen shot.

Adding a new barcode template

To add a new barcode template:

  1. Click Create New in the Actions menu.
  2. A new form opens up:


  3. Enter information into the following fields. Note that you must designate either an Office or a Library. 

    Office:Select the office to which the template is to apply, or leave as (All)
    Library:Select the library to which the template is to apply, or leave as (All)
    Content Type:Select the content type to which the template is to apply, or leave as (All)
    Function:Leave this as (All)
    Prefix:Enter the prefix for the barcode, eg. ML, or leave blank
    # of Digits:Enter the number of digits the barcode is to have, eg. 8. This would result in barcodes with the format ML00000001.
  4. When you have finished, click Save in the Actions menu.

The new template then appears in the list of templates.

Specifying the next number to be used

It is possible to specify the next number to be used in the sequence, for one or more of the definitions. This is particularly useful when you have just migrated data into Soutron from a previous system and you wish to continue the previous numbering sequence.

Contact the Soutron Help Desk to get this set up.

Specifying one sequence across multiple offices

For organisations with multiple offices, it is possible to specify one sequence of barcode numbers for all offices. To do this:

  1. Create a barcode template for each office
  2. Do not specify a prefix
  3. Enter the same number of digits in all of them

Editing a barcode template

To edit a barcode template:

  1. Click Edit next to the template. The same form opens up as for adding a new template.
  2. Make the required changes
  3. Click Save in the Actions menu

Deleting a barcode template

To delete a barcode template:

  1. Tick the box next to the template to select it
  2. Click Remove Selected in the Actions menu
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