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By default, thesaurus fields are shown on the full record arranged horizontally separated by semi-colons.

This can be changed so that instead they display vertically. This is particularly useful if you tend to have many entries in a particular field, or the entries are complex.


To change the display of thesaurus fields to vertical, go to Thesaurus > Integration > Application Fields.

The following screen opens:

  1. From the Application drop-down list, select SoutronLMS. A list of all the thesauri is displayed:


  2. Click Edit next to the thesaurus you wish to change the display for.
  3. The following screen opens:


  4. Change the Field Type from One Term to Single record with Separator.
  5. Change the Separator from Semi-colon (;) to Carriage Return (escape character).
  6. Finally, click Save & Close in the Actions menu.



Note that the Application Pool may need to be restarted in order for the changes to take effect: if your system is hosted on Soutron's server, please contact Soutron.

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