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Once in edit mode for a template you can use the Advanced Sort tab to define your own sort orders which are shown on the portal search results.

By default any fields added to your templates are included in your available sort fields.

Using the red clear button in the header you can remove all fields to start afresh, or use the green add button to add additional sort fields.

You can add a single level sort or multi-level sort. Each sort field provides the option of sort order (Ascending/Descending) as well as a mode option which can be used to exclude or include noise words in the sorting logic.

Single Level Sort

Add a new entry to the grid, then select your sort field from the drop down/suggestion list. 

Giving your sort a name is optional, if not provided the field name will be used.

Multi Level Sort (sort group)

Add a new entry to the grid, then select your sort field from the drop down/suggestion list. You can then use the plus icon to expand your sort group. Using the Add field button will add a new field selection to the group. Each field you include can have different sort order and modes assigned, it is only possible to view this in expanded mode when multiple fields are assigned to a sort group.

Remove a field from your sort using the red bin button, or clear all fields using the clear button.

As your sort now contains multiple fields it's a good idea to name it appropriately to give your users good indication what sort order they are selecting. Use the green save button to save your sort order. 

Ordering your Sort

The order you see your sort fields on the advanced sort tab is the order they will display in the portal. In order to change the order simple drag & drop the rows into order using the 'burger stack' icon. The sort at the top of your list is set as the default sort order.

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