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Add terms from the Subjects thesaurus for them to appear in the Subjects Search box on the Advanced Search screen. Note: this is an optional facility to display in Advanced Search

Use this to direct users to popular subjects, saving them having to search the thesaurus or to guess how the information has been categorised . It is easy to do, making the list of topics that appear unto date.


Note that by default only terms from the Subjects thesaurus can be used: to enable this facility for other thesauri, please contact Soutron.

To access the thesaurus, select Thesaurus > Thesaurus Search.

The following screen opens:

To specify that a term should appear in the Subjects Search:

  1. Select the thesaurus from the drop-down list at the top of the screen
  2. The list of terms for that thesaurus is then shown, in either alphabetical or hierarchical order:


  3. Navigate down until you get to the term you require
  4. Click on the term and it will be displayed in the right-hand panel:


  5. Tick the box next to Use in External:


  6. Click Save
  7. Then click Close to return to the main thesaurus screen.
  8. Click Global Home to return to the search screen.

When the Advanced Search screen is displayed, the term will now appear in the Subjects search box:

To remove the term from the Subjects search, simply un-tick the Use in External option in the thesaurus entry for that term.

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