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This table is shown when there are active Photocopy requests based on the filters assigned.


If this table does not appear, then either there are no current Photocopy Requests or the filters need to be adjusted, for example to show All Requests rather than ones that can only be fulfilled immediately.


The table itself is made up of a number of columns, with a row for every requested title to be photocopied, an example of which is shown here: 

Select column

The administrator can select one or more requests to process and then use one of the function buttons at the top of the screen, for example Confirm, Cancel or Export selected requests. 

Select all rows by clicking the checkbox in the column header.


This column indicates whether the Title requested is currently available.  There are three types of availability:  

 Green tick indicates the Title has copies available to be loaned at the office that the Administrator has selected. 

 Orange tick indicates the Title has no copies in the office selected but there are copies in another office. Titles with an orange tick may require the administrator to use the Transfer function, found under More in the Actions column. 

 Red X indicates the Title has no copies currently available in the selected office or any other office. Requests with this status will not be fulfilled until a copy becomes available or another copy is purchased.

Note that this icon IS NOT DISPLAYED unless the Availability filter is set to All or Unavailable.


The Title of the requested record is shown with the option to click to open a pop up window to display full record details. If the request is for a specific volume or journal issue, then these details will be shown. 



The name of the End User is shown with the first name then surname followed by the user ID . 

Type & Date

The date the request was made is shown with the Type of Request. 



The delivery preference that the End User may have made the request was placed is shown. Delivery can either be Send or Collect. 

Requests that have a Send Delivery type are shown with the following icon: 

Requests that have a Collection Delivery type are shown with the following icon: 
The administrator can hover above the icon to show the tool tip and click on it to change the delivery type, providing the other delivery type is available for the office  selected. (This is determined in  Library Infrastructure maintenance ). 
If delivery can be changed, when administrator clicks on it, the icon changes to show the other delivery type. 

Expiry Date

If the requestor specified an expiry date, i.e. if the End User requires the item by a specified date, then this will be shown in red. 


After this date, the request will automatically be cancelled by an automated task .


If the requestor has added a note when making their request, this will be shown by a Note icon:

Hovering over this icon, will show the note that the End User entered.


View Locations

The View Location link is shown to allow the administrator to view the wherabouts and availability of copies that can be used to fulfil this photocopy request

If user clicks on the link a pop up opens.

If there are no copies available to photocopy then the End User is informed:

If there are copies then the list of copies available is shown:

The table shown is made up of the following Field Columns:


The office of the shown copy is provided


The name of the Library location is provided

Sub Location

If the copy has a Sub Location, this will be shown otherwise it will be empty


Shows the barcode of the copy (if one exists)

Shelf Reference

If the copy has a Shelf Reference this is shown.

Loan Period

Shows the loan period assigned to the copy


If the copy is Reference, it will show Yes, if not then it will show No


The current status of the copy will be shown, in most cases this will show In (or localised wording) as this table will not show copies that are not currently available.

Due Date

If the item was to be loaned today, it shows the Due Date that it would be loaned to.

The administrator can close the window once finished with the pop up using the Grey X in the top right hand corner.


The Copyright column allows the administrator to see if a Copyright declaration form is required before the processing of the request can continue and if so to indicate whether it has been received or not.

The following screenshot shows an entry where Copyright is set to No, all Photocopy requests will be set to this by default if Copyright Declaration is required or if it is not required it will show N/A

If the End User has received the Copyright Declaration form, they can click on the slider to change it to Yes

Note that a photocopy request cannot be Confimed until the Copyright has been set to Yes.


As seen in some of the examples above, the Status will change based on an action performed.  The various status available are:

Action Required

This is the default status and will be shown for every row before any changes are made to the request.

Request Transferred to Office X

Will be shown if the request has been transferred to another office.

Request Transferred From Office X

Will be shown if the request has been transferred back from another office i.e. they reject the request.


The Actions column can contain up to three Action buttons:


Clicking this Green button will confirm the request and one of two actions will be performed depending on the Delivery type selected:

Delivery = Send

When delivery is set to Send and the administrator clicks on Confirm.  On Confirmation, the entry will be removed from the table and a green confirm message across the top of the screen will show the request has successfully been confirmed and the process is completed, the administrator can send the request to the End User ( use the Print Address report to print the address label).

Delivery = Collection

When delivery is set to Collection and the administrator clicks on Confirm, it moves the request into the Awaiting Collection tab and if enabled, will send an email to the End User informing the individual that the item is ready for collection.


Clicking this Grey button will open a pop up asking the administrator to confirm that the request should be cancelled:

If the administrator clicks on Cancel then the pop up will close and the request will not be cancelled.

If the administrator clicks on OK then the pop up will close and the request selected will be cancelled and moved into the History tab.


For this type of request, there can be one Action option under the More button:


Allows the request to be passed to another office.  This option will only appear if there is a copy available in another office.  See section on Transfers

Note the More Option will only appear if Transfer is enabled and if there are copies available in another office.



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