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Access Rights define which records the user can see. You can either select a predefined Access Permission or define one individually for this user, although it is very unlikely that you would need to do this.

Warning! If you do not define an access permission for the user, they will have the permissions assigned to the Guest user.


Users are assigned an access permission and optionally a role, which determines what the user can do with records in the system. There are five roles defined in the system which cannot be changed.

Note that only Library staff have roles


This page describes:

Click on the Access Rights tab to bring up the following screen (top half of screen only shown):


Selecting a role

To assign a role, click on the drop-down list to select one of the predefined roles.

Selecting a thesaurus role

The thesaurus has two predefined roles:

AdministratorThis should be assigned to Library staff who will need to edit the thesaurus directly or be able to add terms whilst cataloguing
Search OnlyThis should be assigned to OPAC and Guest users

Assigning an access permission

By default the "Is inherited" box is ticked, so that you can assign one of the predefined Access Permissions, and all the settings underneath are greyed out.

To assign one of the predefined access permissions:

  1. select the required permission from the "Available access permissions" column
  2. click on the > arrow to move it into the list of selected access permissions

There are circumstances where you might need to assign more than one access permission to a user - we recommend that you discuss this with Soutron staff


To create a custom access permission for this user:

  1. Un-tick the "Is inherited" box
  2. The settings underneath then become active
  3. Select the settings as you would for a new access permission


Experiencing problems with managing user records? See the Troubleshooting Guide. 
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