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This section allows you to define access permissions, which you then assign to users. This means that you do not need to define permissions for individual users (although you can if everybody has different requirements) - all users with the same security needs are assigned the same access permission.

Access Permissions define which records can be accessed, whereas Roles define what can be done with those records. Users are assigned an access permission and optionally a role (admin staff only).


If you have complex security requirements, such as multiple access permissions, we recommend that you contact the Soutron Help Desk for advice before proceeding.



To access Access Permission Maintenance, select System Management > Security > Access Permission Maintenance.

This takes you to the following page:


From here you can:


Guest user 

One permission has already been defined in the application, that of the Guest user. This permission is the lowest common denominator, so it should be assigned the lowest level of permissions, as other permissions should be able to see or do more.

The Guest Access Permission cannot be deleted, although Guest access can be disabled - this applies to all OPACs.

Access permissions not working as expected? See the Troubleshooting Guide.

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