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The application includes a generic API that is accessed via a WCF web service which allows queries and data to be accessed outside the application. The API returns data in XML which can then be used by developers to allow data from the library database to be searched and displayed in an external application or website.

Documentation for use of the API is available by contacting the Soutron helpdesk.

To access System Configuration Maintenance, select System Management > System Configuration Maintenance.

Click on the API tab to display the page as follows:

This screen contains the following settings:

SettingFunctionDefault Value
Strict ModeTo run the API in debug mode, set the Strict Mode to Yes; this allows the search request parameters to be verified for validity. If they are not valid, an error will then be generated.Yes
Default Page SizeThis allows you to set the default number of records returned in a single page before you need to page through additional results pages using the page parameter (&page=1)50
Show All CT in Search Result
Intellexer Summarizer API URLContact Soutron to discuss our Summarizer service
Intellexer Summarizer API KeyContact Soutron to discuss our Summarizer service
Save search historySave search history to database, useful for including API searches in search history reportsNo
Save API Records Search Requests LogSave API search requests to database for debug.No
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